We are unparalleled designers that architect, shepherd, and implement the right financing solution for your customers!

Design and Consulting Services
Design and Consulting Services
Consultative Services:
• Teaching Consultative Sales
• Lender Program Design
• Merchant Program Design
• Cash Flow Projections and Analysis
• Portfolio Review
• Cost vs. Merchant Discount Rate Analysis
• Marketing Strategies
• Regulatory Best Practices
• Work Flow Design
• Scripting
• Sales Support
• Training
• Workshops
• Using Finance as a Sales Tool

Consulting Services

 As credit cycles experience volatility and regulations change, Coastline Credit continues to grow; whether we are in a weak or strong credit economy. We work nationwide with lenders and healthcare, educational and other growth oriented companies at Point of Sale to increase their customers’ access to credit. We have built a waterfront range of payment plan solutions, predicated on the need of our provider/merchant clients that are aligned with the risk appetite of our strategic lending partners. 

We are unparalleled designers that architect, shepherd and implement the “right” financing solutions for all parties involved. Our programs always include best practice solutions that lessen loss and/or fraud, utilizing robust technology that includes transparent reporting functionality. We are optimizing our position in the marketplace by extrapolating the data from our first look lending sources to support the practicality and need for our second look financing program.

All models are consumer friendly and defensibly compliant with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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