We are unparalleled designers that architect, shepherd, and implement the right financing solution for your customers!

About The Company
About The Company
Mission Statement

At Coastline Credit we are consultants that design, shepherd and implement the right payment programs for both our lending partners and provider merchant customers to offer their patients or consumers. We do this by forming transparent, unwavering bridges between all parties. Leveraging our expert experience, proven best practice methods, objective analysis and payment instrumentation we ultimately shape lasting portfolios that allow for sustainable and scalable business growth.

Who is Coastline Credit?

Coastline Credit is a seasoned group of industry veterans. Not brokers. We are consultants and facilitators to the many participants in the consumer/patient finance industry. We help shepherd and architect patient and consumer financing programs for providers, merchants and lenders. We outline program requirements, help determine appropriate pricing, evaluate and communicate performance of the portfolio, offer best practice recommendations and assist with delinquency management for increased ROI for all involved.

Why Coastline Credit?

We understand that the industry is tired of sales people that only tell you what you want to hear. Unlike brokers and those short sighted sales people, Coastline will evaluate and construct a stable financing platform to bring the “right” lenders to the table so our provider partners don’t have to navigate through what is real. We do the leg work required to produce financing solutions that will work long term. Never cookie cutter, never one size fits all. We do the right thing for YOU…every time. We stick around by your side, continuing to participate in the performance of the program for the long haul, ultimately achieving your business growth goals.

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